Mobile Posse, the company that revolutionizes home and lock screen messaging to boost app engagement, today announced that Eric Newman, its vice president of research and development, will headline the ModevDC LunchLab at UberOffices McLean, Virginia location on Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. The topic will be “Push Messaging 2.0: A New Way to Boost App Engagement and Monetization.”

“Now that push notifications are common place, app developers have to break through the clutter to really reach their targets,” said Newman. “This workshop will introduce app developers to ‘Push Messaging 2.0’ — the newest way to boost the impact of an app’s push notifications. We will focus on specific, rich-media push strategies that are consumer-friendly, engagement-oriented and effective.”

Attendees will learn how to turn ordinary text notifications that often get lost in the notification tray into superior, interactive rich push messaging to engage their subscribers directly on the home and lock screen. Additionally, attendees will learn:

  • How to impact your app engagement and increase/create monetization with more effective push
  • How to integrate “Push Messaging 2.0” with an app
  • How messaging using large-format visuals, call-to-action links and even video can quickly be added to apps via an easy-to-integrate SDK 

This installment of the series will feature a free lunch provided by Mobile Posse and opportunities to network and conduct Q&A. The event is intended for mobile developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs. Recruiters are welcome to attend with sponsorship. If you are interested in attending, please visit:

About Mobile Posse:
Mobile Posse is revolutionizing app engagement on the most valuable real estate on mobile phones — the home and lock screens. We’re building on a business-proven and consumer-friendly platform that has delivered more than 50 billion messages to help app publishers break through mobile clutter, drive the highest engagement and generate new revenue. Mobile Posse is headquartered in McLean, VA. For more information, please visit and follow Mobile Posse on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Modev:
Modev organizes meetups, conferences, contests and academies to advance the fields of development, design and marketing of technologies. For more information, please go to


Have you heard our exciting news? We just launched AppEnvoy, which brings app monetization to the mobile home and lock screen in order to empower app publishers to break through the clutter on mobile devices. Our timely and targeted rich-media push messaging is consumer-friendly, delivering the best engagement based on what we’ve learned by already delivering over 50 billion messages.

AppEnvoy Art

Check out the release below to learn more.

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Mobile Posse Infographic

Today, there is clear demand for custom home screen solutions to simplify how consumers access and utilize mobile apps and their favorite content.

With 40% of all mobile users saying they are extremely interested in a custom home screen solution, the desire to make the mobile experience more dynamic and personalized spans across the most valuable customer segments of the mobile ecosystem.

The greatest interest in a home screen solution can be seen among heavy users who spend large chunks of time on the home screen and tend to touch on numerous apps categories with continued daily use. This is where apps developers see the biggest profits and marketshare as heavy users are two to six times more likely than monthly users to proactively make an apps purchase or acquisition. This segment also checks their home screen three times more than average. Read the rest of this entry »

The home screen is the next frontier in mobile marketing, offering incredible opportunities for app developers, publishers, even OEM and O/S providers. In Android devices, the home screen is flexible enough to deliver rich, relevant experiences to users, and its potential for marketing success led Bessemer Venture Partners to that $1 Billion per ¼ valuation.

Not surprisingly, the race for home screen ownership is on, and our recent “The Ultimate Guide to the Next Big Wave in Mobile: The Home Screen and the Race for the Homescreen Infographic illustrate not only a timeline of home screen efforts, but also the frequency with which those efforts are occurring. You can see how tremendously the cadence has picked up over the last two years.

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We have a statistic we love because it’s so important to the mobile marketing landscape:

Mobile users spend 26% of time on mobile on the home screen.

Home Screen Usage


This means we spend more time on the home screen than on all other apps. And the statistic cuts across all categories. Men spend 26% of their mobile time on the home screen, with an average of 52 seconds per visit; women 25.7% for an average of 55. Younger users under 35 can spend up to a full minute on the home screen at 27.2% time spent. Even those described as heavy social app users still spend an impressive 21.8% of their mobile time on the home screen, an average of 45 seconds; while gamers are at 22.7% and 53 seconds.

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At Mobile Posse, we love the mobile home screen, obviously. I don’t think there’s any question there. But there’s a good reason for our fandom: The home screen is the best thing to happen to mobile marketing since the invention of the smartphone.

Not sold? Well, here are just three reasons why the mobile home screen is potentially more effective than SMS or apps:

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